Waldseemullewr World Map

Research areas for World Plan
1): Plan International money funds to isolate national currencies.
Draw plan for national funds tide insurance fund - where all funds transfers and purchasing can be instantaneous. The fund should equal the daily funds tide of the specified countries and allow several investments and loans functions for banking. Such funds should add stability to the financial system as a whole.

2): Plan the International power, transport and communication system.
    Research all present power sources, grid lines, main cable trunks; all present transportation conduits, airports, military and Naval bases and present data centers. Arrange population densities map. Population potentials will define the extent of the system, its expansion and contraction.
Design future improvements and form into coordinated proposals for long range planning. See Grid
3): A discussion of appropriate diversity - where maintenance of diverse culture, plants and animal species can be provided. Diversity being key for long term survival.

4): Resources. Independent studies will interlink together: Forestry - Water - Fisheries
There shall be a governments planning group to draw an overall multiple government integrations plan. The resources studies need to be drawn to coordinate the multiple governments planning group.

    Water: List the many reasons, including clean-up and recycling industries for ridding the earth of pollutants - drugs in the water, poisons in land and air. This should specify forestry and carbon-sink methods and hold a template of water filtration plants to be included with treatment facilities in every large city. Translate the example of cylindrical reverse-osmosis filtering of sewage-to water and desalination plants, now operating in San Diego, to clear drugs and drug fragments for the whole of the US and all other countries.
The products from the pharmaceutical industry run from manufacturing, through distribution, to people, pets and livestock and wholly sink into the water table. Therefore the filtering and recycling industry for water treatment needs to be established.
As funding could be private and publicly supplied, filtering and materials recycling from water would be easily established and financially viable. A possibly large customer for recycles, the pharmaceutical industry could find investment in the water treatment recycle industry a lucrative additional aspect of their investments portfolio while also being a positive public step.

Link resources and soils, with proofs for diversified crops and yields

Establish "Resources Conservation Zones" - where rare species are set aside from all development and strictly conserved. Madagscar and the Amazon basin should be planned carefully.

    A pitch can be made to conjoin water and resources across borders, accounting nature. Therefore a Regional planning map shall be created. Preparation should also include a review of all water contracts, including damming and irrigation, and their overall long-term impacts.

    Sustainability in forestry must include replenishment of bio-mass and forest system biological support. Ground capacity and forest density must be conserved - continued growth accounted to specific environments before defined culling can be planned. This requires dynamic mapping, practices and reforestation conducted and with planned participation by all future timber industry. Industry must operate in a 200 year forest plan for all areas. There are only so many trees in a given area that can viably compete for sun; therefore forest lands expansion is a main cure-all for forests and forest industry. The forestry plan must include water and fisheries.
Re-forestation needs to be a priority. Alternate income sources needs to be an active aspect to global reforestation efforts.

Create paper on the necessities of developing renewable energy sources and include a step process for transferring the petroleum industry from energy production to materials production.
Specify and prove the requisites for production limits of natural resources.

5): Prisons - how to create financially self-sustaining criminal housing that rehabilitates with monies share from manufacturing - where companies become formed with and by inmates owning and taking part in start-ups, created and operating inside the institutions. State legislatures need to alter criminal codes to specify and account the flow of monies and products, and company ownership through the prison systems. Inmate company structures should mimic regular business models. - It may be possible to graduate white and blue collar, business owners and producers into society. Prisons could be turned into manufacturing centers that contributes to the outside economy and pays entirely for the prison institutions.

6): Make paper describing national crime data base profiling: crimes, ethnicities, demographics  - ages, what crimes, dispositions.

7): International Governance with insulated economies plan
    World manufacturing environmental law - all products, goods and services must be integrated with world environmental planning. However, environmental planning must achieve a fully open human industry and activities potential. Success requires and is only possible with genuine balance.

8): Place schemes for condensation, re-combining or rebonding expended or changed raw-materials from manufacturing processes into stable and usable re-cycling products and materials. Objective: zero pollution in all manufacturing, world-wide.

9): Create paper on the inherent flaws with market-place economics. Where “things” are priced beyond their relative value. Gouge economics. That the higher figures placed to low-value items destroys the value of currency, is therefore harmful and should be regulated.
10): Suggest panel to examine methods and create a plan to possibly do away with money.

11): Create studies in support of new structures for world financial plan on international business and banking, imports, companies, profit margins, where monies go.

12): Research all presently funded studies - examine and map.

13): List all “Think Tanks”, public and private, their funding sources and objectives.

14): It would be well to put together a plan for corporate efficiency concerning corporate structure, where a “Driver” is specified. Just as the old big business or the great armies, or the great films - are run essentially from the dictates of one leader, so a corporate Driver could be assigned for corporate endeavors. This allows success and responsibility to be justly placed within a corporation and creates a management system, running something like the film industry, in that talent can attain the directorship and be a higher benefit for investors, and the rest of the world, and for the products and services.

15): Space programs
    Form an extra-national agency, much like the UN, around the supply of the ISS - where nation members fund and seat delegations. This entity forms the financial and political basis of space exploration. Ownership of acquisitions, future wealth and properties are defined. By treaty, they become an independent entity. Their financing should be international and separate from national dictates.
    The plan should provide that planetary bodies should not be inoculated with DNA life without standardized detailed study. The reasoning for strict prohibitions needs to be articulated. Where this concern is mute, a process of habitation might be appropriate and criteria needs to be specified.

Examine the scope between life and non-life. Specify DNA as planetary poison and construct a set of safe-guards for inclusion in any space and planetary studies regimes.

 ~From mars plan discussion~ See Mars-Corp
Planetary Biological Hazard Identification Process
Design process for assessing potential hazards for integrating life to another planet.
Create paper on the ethics and biological dangers of landing any vehicles and especially human visitation of planets, and of inoculating life forms in the open environment on another planet.

An international conference and summit should be conducted to deal with rights and uses, and provide a legal framework to coordinate future endeavors in space.
Procedures for hazardous processes identification should be specified for all future space-exploration. This should be drawn as an international code of law and specify for all exploration and planetary environments.
The question of whether the introduction of life will permanently poison a planet, rendering its environment uninhabitable must be thoroughly addressed. There are trillions of micro-organisms traveling with people: Humans = Bag of Bugs.
Slime mold and penicillin are among the most robust life-forms, many of which are extraordinarily hard to eliminate from equipment and pose a nearly impossible job of abating. Slime organisms, as an example, are so pervasive, forms are found in deep caves, - are sulfur based, and need no sunlight. The many organisms we may bring, may allow a few to form a supporting cycle of life.
If we go to Mars, there will be an absolute, 100% result. The many possibilities need to be examined under the full scrutiny of the scientific community. This proposed Hazard ID Project is paramount, wholly necessary preparatory work and not small. It needs to be an international effort.
The importance of doing such a project needs to be communicated and considered by the wider science community.

Procedures for hazardous processes identification will need to be specified under international treaty for all future space-exploration where it must be seen that each environment is unique and needs to be uniquely assessed.

At the present time, inquiries for endeavors on this subject finds people pressing forward on their various projects without any apparent concern nor even notion of this problem.

If we go to Mars and turn it into a poison-pit, that would not be good. The future should then inquire as to the nature of those supposed of expertise. - See Mars-Corp

    Create two-fold study of manufacturing and transport from space, Moon, Mars and asteroids. Paper to show need for space manufacturing. Describe enriched energy material and the need to coordinate its manufacture and re-processing, off-planet.
    Plan revolving and carousel human habitat for planets and asteroids, mining and requisites for submitting a human population.  The habitat travels/or establishes other such craft for the purpose.

16): Paper on courts, prosecutors, cops, their contacts and prior cases.

17): World health ships.
A floating Surgery Center. A large luxury liner could be converted, or ships built, to become the largest surgery hospital in the world. Multiple surgical theaters would operate and deliver a full range of health-treatment, serving all countries.
The ship would be a health and cultural ambassador to the world, serving all, favoring none. The ship would have areas with high amenities. It could be the largest floating hospital ever built. There should be landing pads and air control.
Treatments in ports of call would be well-planned and coordinated with doctors and clients in advance.
Surgeries and treatments could be scheduled on a round the clock basis. Travel to ports of visit and to and from the ship would be carefully managed from a medical software profiling system - which should be planned to bring all persons and all medical providers under one medical filing, personal identification and protocol system.
The boat would be sectioned and a wide range of services would be conducted. Lodging, learning and cultural ambassadorship would be a normal part of operations.

18): Healthcare: A patient profile document system can be developed that would be designed to accommodate all possible medical states. It should be designed to become the international standard. From this international standard, any medical profile should be designed and arranged in a system by which medical analysis, treatments and procedures can be specified from the web. Any person, from any country could have their profile assigned for medical analysis in this system.
Most importantly, this international medical profile system could be placed for use by all medical providers, in every hospital and clinic, every emergency care unit and MASH facility, world-wide. Medical opinion for any medical situation, including emergencies and disaster, could be had on an immediate basis.

We would aim for all medical patients and medical providers to expect that our patient profile system will be available for any individual they encounter. Each patient document would be instantly updated and notifications to all currently attending physicians.

We should include in the design process, that the use of this profile system will be the standard to be taught at all medical teaching facilities and universities.

19): The design of our medical-profile identification number system should be oriented to integrate, as an element, into a larger personal identification profile system. We should expect that any world medical identification system should integrate to, or actually become the world-wide personal identification system. Therefore taps for the appropriate protocols for personal and financial systems and personal web controls for these will need to be considered carefully. 

20): Create a panel of prestigious names to argue for a US Constitutional patch to prevent the abrogation of constitutionally intended governance. No pay-off monies allowed with strict and harsh penalty.
Perhaps have a congressional team or senatorial team create and fashion law for an advisory vote of the people.

21): (from David F)

Living seed bank ecologies around the world. These must be maintained and protected like its our own DNA. It is!!! These properties need to be neutral territories that are governed by a world council and maintained locally. Living seed banks allow for continual adapting of plants and organisms to the current world conditions. The goal of the living seed banks, though, is protecting the seeds of our future. They must be dynamic and also be free, of course.
A World Seed Council will have to negotiate the thorny subject of isolation areas and genetic contamination prevention. Fortunately, participant countries will be supported by their people and willing. A World Seed Council should be internationally funded. Sanctioned areas would have farmer families that could expect continuing subsides and support, insuring permanent careers. A science department could be expected to coordinate growing areas and production with the Council. The Council would intermediate with the larger international community.
Therefore: Make list of extant seed banks. Contact and meet. Contact interested philanthropic organizations and scholastic institutions. Form an international working group, develop round-table internet discussion and map potential locations. Forge strategy with new partners for creating World Seed Council.

22): Religious Heritage Sites Program. Create a template program adaptable by areas and regions that allows them to designate their great religious sites as self-governing and independent "world heritage sites," Permanently relieving regional tensions based on religious culture.See Religious Heritage Sites

23: Create multi-studies lecture - where we're going, where we're at and stepped process for how to get there.

24 Social Mandate - where world fisheries protection efforts sees electronic, internet management. Devices could be installed on all fishing craft which dictates which species can be taken and which must be let go - instructions  for their treatment; - and real-time connections to maritime management and the science community. Allows constant world-wide weather reporting and activities management. The system also allows full input and engagement throughout the fisheries industry.

25 A world treaty on digital and data law should be promulgated. For this, a digital crimes code should be created. Such a treaty and it's code necessarily leads to the solidification of an overall networks structure that must provide integration of legal activities against proscribed activities. The structure must be capable of change and growth. This can be outlined with constant parameters dictates, describing what is undesirable and why, so that future administrators can maintain proper steerage.

26 A patch to the UN Charter needs to layout a network map of nations and remedies to disallow failed states.

27 Create foundation for creating and running an international education system accounting localized culture but giving all children a full and normalized education in the sciences, languages, histories and correct world behavior. If any society neglects to educate their children, their very culture could disappear - in a single generation. Therefore civilization needs to undertake educating the world's children, everywhere. Such an undertaking would be lucrative and financially healthy. Many world-wide endeavors could be attached together to distribute water purification, solar energy supply, micro and macro banking and import/export opportunities to disadvantaged areas through the network established for world-wide comprehensive education.

28. An international effort could be coordinated through the philanthropy of the educational stations and the UN to form a fairly vast tourism support network to sustain animal habitat, abate poaching and create a wealth stream to and throughout Africa to end hunting of endangered species. vacationing in Africa or other countries, through such a World Wild-life Habitat Network would be seen as civic responsibility and find tax advantages for participants. Since everybody wins, there should be no trouble in dropping barriers.